How to add Delite icons to a web application

I created a web application using c8ycli version 1016.0.324 and the application scaffold.

I want to add the Delite icons available through Cumulocity.

According to the style guide, you can “add the proper class just about anywhere,” but when I tried assigning the copyright class to either a <div> or <span> element, nothing happened.

What am I missing?

Hi Lucas,

if you want to use the delight icon classes directly, you need to add the dlt-c8y-icon- prefix to the icon name. So instead of copyright you would use the class dlt-c8y-icon-copyright.

However I would highly recommend using the IconDirective e.g. like this:

<i [c8yIcon]="'copyright'"></i>

In case you use the directive this might save you a bit of migration efforts in case we at some point would decide to switch to another set of icons. We had switched in the past from FontAwesome to the Delite icons. For the ones using the directive it was basically no effort.

Thank you, Tristan. It worked!