How 'NO Transaction' works??

Hi All,
No transaction works? I want to know basically my question is , if i am loooping over one document list and inserting 10 documents in the DB so for each and every insert transaction will be commited or after inserting all 10 doc it will get inserted. And in case ther is connectivity error between IS and DB and only 4 transactions inserted then all 4 will get commited or all 4 will be rolled back??

if you choose “No Transaction”, then each insert will be commited right away.
So, if fail in the middle, 4 will be in, no roll back.
If you want rollback if partial failed, use local Transaction.

thanks Tong

NO_TRANSACTION: when you perform actions or statements on the backend data base those will be automatically committed. i.e there is no role back of action that has been perform on the data base.

hi asanvali - Please note that NO_TRANSACTION jdbc adapter connection will automatically commit or rollback db statements. This is also referred to as “implicit db transactionality”.