How long have you been a wMUsers Member?

5 years

Just joined wmusers yesterday…!

arnd 20 months

90 days

I’m almost the same time as you Mark!

90 days

I joined today only.
And this is my first post. :slight_smile:

I have been a member for almost 9 years. But in 2003,2004 my user ID was lost.

Hi all!
During about 2 years I am working with SAP BC solution. It’s very old webMethods IS - 4.6.
Now, I am upgrading one of my servers to webMethods IS 7.1.


I just started with WM and wMUsers. This is why I am in my 4th day!!

For sure, I am here, because I have a question.

My Developer is shutting down, while do my first steps with a branch flow.
the exceptions shows something about sun javaVM and awl.dll.

I will look forward to search some threads here to find some answers for this.

kind regards

I’ve been a WMUser member since 2001. I think there was a database issue in early 2003 and wmusers lost all my previous posts. At the time I had Senior member status. Since then I have not been as active. Most of the webMethods jobs I’ve had since then have not been very challenging but have been very time consuming. I have only used wmusers as a reference to find tricks and issues others have reported.

I hope to rejoin this group in a more active role now that I have job that allows me time to read the posts and respond.

Its been more than 4 years…Thanks

1 minute

I just registered yesterday.:slight_smile:

I have been a member for about 3 1/2 years now. Unfortunately work and time do not permit me to regularly browse the forums but when I needed help the forums and their members almost always have come through for me. This is a great resource and solved several problems for me already.



I have been a member since 3 months. It is a very nice place, to learn.
I have learned much from here, to clear my concepts and all.

Thank you all, for helping and improving. :slight_smile:


WM is so hard ,and it’s use service from java more

Wow, I feel old. :p:

More than 4 Years!

nice to be in wmusers group