How i can recover instance number of my int. adapter (Int. X

Problem: I need to distinguish the different adapter processes in a intelligent adapter script custom task, when the intelligent adapter is set to multi-process mode (in adapter_config: adapter tab / # of Adapter processes > 1).

What is the solution (api ?)

( For instance, to distinguish between threads a multi-threaded adapter, I can use the Thread.currentThread().getName() java api call or a static synchronized counter )

I don’t think there is any API available to do what your are asking. At one point in time the EI tool gave you access to the Adapter interface but webMethods removed this capability (you can still call the method to retrieve Adapter but it returns null) because it was deemed to0 dangerous and a security hole as malicious code could potentially shutdown an adapter or manipulate other aspects of the adapter state.

If you do find a solution to your problem, please post it!