How do I get additional records in a workflow? Only a few records are displayed in the output area (Entity 0&1)

I used the flow service to retrieve XML . The data was stored in an array Entity INDEX 0,1,2,3&4. Please find attacged image

###When I utilised flow service in workflow, when I opened the structure of XML…there was only entity index 0&1…the rest I didn’t find out. I’d like to use additional entity indexes 3&4 for mapping. Please make recommendations regarding how to proceed.Please find attached image


When you test an action in a workflow that has an array, it limits the return to 2 items in the array just to keep the test data set small.

If you’re mapping, you can easily set the array index by clicking on the field on the right hand of the mapper and just typing a different index as shown in the screen shot:

e.g. I could change the map value to


to fetch the 100th value (0 being the first value).

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Thanks for the resolution.


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