HELP!! Unable to bring up Log In page!

Hello all,

I’m new at this so I’ll try not to confuse anyone. We installed MWS which is connected to an Oracle database. Yesterday, we were able to log in to the My webMethods log in page just fine. Then the page started to get really slow with every link that was clicked and finally it completely stopped working.

Now when we attempt to pull up the page it either displays nothing or “This page cannot be displayed”. Can someone please help me. I’m thinking about uninstalling everything and trying again but hoped it didn’t have to come to that. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


I have reinstalled MWS and the same problems are occuring. WhenI check the system.out log it says, "Cannot initialize MWS, invalid database schema is specified. Any thoughts?


What database are you using? Make sure it is a supported version.

Make sure you use a brand spankin new schema for the new MWS.
Each MWS has its own unique schema.
A new MWS cannot make use of an older schema as the schema is tightly bound to the older MWS by instance names and other MWS instance specific elements.