Handling many web service-backed dropdowns on one page

If I have - say - 20 dropdowns onscreen, each populated from a web service, is there a way to build this generically (so hopefully I just call one web service with a key and it gives me back a list of key-value pairs) and without cluttering the Bindings view with 20 individual WSDs?

E.g. can I have a generic WSD which I can bind to multiple times (somehow)?

Any pointers would be great!

Hi Rob,
I am new in CAF development and interested in to see how you can assign a service output as list to dropdowns onscreen. Can you please kindly show me, or send a ziped code with dropdown control take its list from service output.

Hi Rob,

As you said, you can have all 20 individual WSD functionality in single WSD and use it.

Since your IS is the provider WSD. Create a single FS in which call all other 20 flow services, now you will have 20 diff required outputs which you required.

You can use either one of the above options…

  • Sam.