Getting different Session IDbd in Netscape while working with only one session

Hi All,

      I am working with b2b 3.5.  I am experiencing the 

following problem while working with Session objects. In my
application I have around 10 services. In each service for
testing purpose I have written a code that just prints the
Session ID. Out of these 10 Serivices I am setting my
session values in my first service which is the starting
point for my application. Once I start navigating through
my application in IE upon invoking other services all of
them are returning the same session ID(which is what
expected). But in Netscape each of them is returning the
different session ID. Because of thsi even if I set the
session values in my 1st service and when I try to retrieve
the values in my second service that gets invoked in the
same session I am getting the value as “-1”. Could you
please explain me on this.


Hi ,

      I found the answer for this. All my services were 

registered as stateless. That was the problem.