Flat File To Document Conversion not working in integration io

Product/components used and version/fix level are you on:

I have tried to convert Flat File To Document in integration io in flow service, but it shows only 1 record. Remaining are not able see in pipeline.
step1-passing hardcoded input file as str
check by using debug that only first record/document has values, not able to get rest values.

In Flat File connector I have given unlimited.

help needed on why I am not getting rest document in out pipeline.
Could you please help to suggest the fix for this issue.

it shows only Record_Group[0], not next index values like Record_Group[1],…

Here is snap-

Hello @javedk ,

It would be good to share the flatfile schema definition also for better help.


Hi Bharath,

Thanks for response, In Cloud not able to import/export/downlad the schema. So just taken snaps that how the schema looks like. Here are these-


ff schema snaps.zip (275 KB)

Hello @javedk ,

Will check and revert back.


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