Flat File Schema Issue.

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I seem to be having the same problem you had using the recordWithNoID property. I have a test data set as


I want to parse this data as a key;value pair using a FlatFileschema but i am not able to do as i am getting the “No Valid Record Found error”. I have gone through quite a few posts and am still not sure as to why is the parsing not happening.

I am attaching sample package that i have been working with as an attachment with this post and a testdata sample.

Would appreciate if anyone can send me the package with such and implementation with its test data to so that i can better understand the same.

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SchemaIssue.zip (3.76 KB)
test2.txt (46 Bytes)


Use dictionary when you want to parse records with no ID. Use the below modified package.

SchemaIssue.zip (5.24 KB)

Hi Guna,

Thanks for the update and the package that you have uploaded. Althought i was able to replicate the same on an earlier instance what i wanted to know is that in the FlatFile Structure Tab you have not given anything structure but in the dictionary you have defined a record TEST and then the two fields namely Key and Value and also what i can see is that in the properties box of the schema you have defined the dictionary and set the name as TEST.

What relevance does this have to the problem at hand. Is it that without the dictionary we cant parse the data and why have we not defined anything in the FlatFile Structure.


Hi Sam,
I appreciate your enquiries. I follow the reverse way in such cases: Create the document from schema, fill it and convert to string. Here I can find whether the schema is proper or not for the required format of data.

Whenever you define a record under ‘Flat File Structure’ tab of schema, it looks for the record identifier (record name) in the data it parses; Even if you take a reference of a record from a dictionary in this section.

The only way I found to parse such data is to take the record reference from a dictionary, as a default record unser settings.

Does it mean you were able to parse the data without the help of dictionary?



As far as i know if you are using the recordWithNoID then you have to use Dictionary to parse values correctly.

I am confused as why would you not want to use Dictionary ?

hi iam getting the recordwithnoid when i create a schema doc how to get rid of that

Are you taking reference of a record from a dictionary in ‘Settings’ tab? If yes, then you always get that recordwithnoid . Create a record or take reference under ‘Flat File Structure’ tab of the schema. It creates a doc with the root node as the record name.


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Thanks for your support. I am now able to resolve the problem that i was facing till now. Truly apprecaite your help.

Hey ub201263,

I would appreciate if you could start a new thread with your problem, as my thread is on a different problem base. That way other users can greatly benefit from the same.