FixList from Update Manager via command shell


I have to “collect” the information of versions of SAG products on our servers regularly. This costs a lot of time, because i have to connect remotly on each machine to get the fix list via UpdateManager. So I want to automate getting the fixlist.
Here is my question: Is it possible to create the fixlist via Update Manager with a shell command? Like “updatemanager.exe -someArgument -anotherArgument …”?

can you plz give some more information on the version you use and what components

I know you can do it from 9.5 and + using the cce component.


We are still using webMethods Suite Version 8.2. And itis not forseeable when we will upgrade. So…, Do you know a was to do this in version 8.2?

Don’t think there is a simple sollution for that.

The only thing that I can think off is to locate the version number in a file of webmethods. And
write a script to get that version for every component.
I don’t got a version 8 of 8.2 at my disposal for the moment so I can’t help you locating those values.

It would be no problem for me, to write a script… But I don’t know, where such a file is located. Where does the Update Manager get the versions from?

Can’t really help you with that.
But i look it up in or version (7.1.3) and you can find versions in the
For integrationserver/config/xxxxxx.cnf files.
(for some components.)
of you can look in the manifest files of the wm packages for versions.

For mws
you got something like a features folder and I would recommend to look there for the info.

But be careful don’t change anything in those. And reference check it first with the information you get from
the updatemanager.