First RFC call not updating date fields in SAP table

Hi Frieds,

when webMethods called SAP RFC first time every day morning only two fields (Date fields) are not updating in the SAP RFC table remaining fields are updating even in first call. from 2nd transaction onwards all fields are updating including date fields. I have cleared the cache one day in SAP adapter then monitored next day morning, it is updated all fields in SAP. But Sunday I have restarted webMethods server but Monday again same problem occured. no other RFC in our test environment have this problem reported earlier. This issue also just started recently from 1 week. can any one suggest what is the root cause and how to overcome this.

  1. SAP min connection is 1 in our QA and PROD but we have never faced this issue before.
  2. only date fields are not updating in RFC table but remaining fields are updating even in first call(first file).
  3. From 2nd file onwards no issue.

Hi R P,

I’m assuming that the RFC you’ve shown here could be a custom BAPI/RFC, can you please confirm which is the case?

In SAP itself, there is this concept called LUW or similar concept to transaction in DB.

The data will not be written to the database until the client triggers a commit work command. In
order to call a BAPI that writes data, you must perform the following steps on Integration Server:
1.Call the service in order to get an exclusive connection to the SAP system.
2.Perform the BAPI calls.
3.Call the or service
4.Call the service in order to release the exclusive connection to the SAP system and clean up used resources on Integration Server.

Note: This service locks a session to trigger a commit work command inside the SAP system. This causes a database commit. This service only works with SAP systems version 4.0A and higher because BAPIs do not write data directly to the database but use the posting engine inside the SAP system and the start of the processing of posted data.

Here are more explanations from SAP context.

From just looking at the SAP adapter service input/output signature, it will be impossible for anyone to tell what’s wrong with your code.

Either you share the sample service to have a look, or you should raise a ticket to SAG GS for further investigation.