Find everything faster with Tech Community Search extension

It’s now easier to find just about anything in Tech Community’s vast pool of assets. We are happy to introduce the Tech Community Search browser extension – your shortcut to finding the most relevant resources, including demos, webinars, roadmaps and downloads, answers to product questions, best practices and solutions, as well as Software AG product documentation.

It’s also the fastest way to search within Tech Community from anywhere on the web.

Add the Tech Community Search extension to your Chrome™ browser today and get started in few easy steps:

  1. Click on the Tech Community icon from your browser extensions bar (top right)
  2. Type in your search term
  3. Filter the relevant resources that will help you
  4. Hit “Find"

Voila! You will find yourself on the results page, with the relevant assets filtered according to your preference.

Tech Community Search is currently available for Google® Chrome. You can find and add the extension in Chrome Web Store.

Important: You feedback is valuable to us. Share your thoughts and impressions in the Feedback Forum. You can also contact us directly with an email to