File Polling Port, some files are lost

Hello, everyone.

We have installed webMethods Integration Server 10.3.1 in our customer and set up two node cluster on Windows Server 2016.
And we have a flow service that uses File Polling Port and moves files from one network shared directory to another.
Everything works fine.

But, during cluster failover testing, we reboot one of the servers, then several files are lost. They are not in the error folder, in the monitoring folder, or in the working folder. They are lost completely.

Can anyone suggest how to solve this problem?

The File Polling Port settings in attachment.



I see you haven’t setup a working directory. IS creates working directory implicitly though. Can you specify a working directory and recreate the situation. My guess would be the files would be not be lost this time.

Ashish Bania


If you are using same path in both the servers, then as you set the clean up service as “Yes” definitely during reboot the file polling paths will be cleaned. To avoid it ensure you set clean up at startup as “No”.

This will ensure you files are not lost when any of the server is rebooted in a clustered or non clustered setup.