File Polling Error - Access denied for user Administrator on

I have a client that was already using port 5555, so they installed on port 5566. I set up a polling process for them, but whenever it runs i get the following error:

Access denied for user Administrator on port 5566 → ‘wm-message’ from

Is this a problem because they are not on the standard 5555? Or is it something else?


By default, ports are created deny by default.

check the access mode. It should be allow by default.


I am getting the below error on my server logs.

Access denied for user <current_user> on port 8888 → ‘invoke/wm.server/connect’ from server

I have reset my master password but still the problem persists.

Can any one resolve?

Thanks and Regards,


Hi Rajkumar,

Do you set any IP filter rules for the port 8888?