Error while creating document type

I create a flat file dictionary and then a flat file schema. Trying to create a document type, editor throws the following error:

I’m using Software AG Designer 9.12.
Could some one please assist in regards to this error?

We did face this issue, see the below fixes and install them.

This was a common error in Flat File Schema module which is resolved as part of following fixes.

  • IS_9.12_Core_Fix11
  • Flat File 9.12 Fix 2


I have a customer who is reporting exact same issue with the latest Flat File Fix, WFF_9.12_Fix3.

Any inputs would be appreciated.


Try with the latest is core fixes if it is still the same issue open a ticket with Sag.

Can you share the screen shot of your ff dictionary.


Customer already applied the latest for IS Core as well, still issue persists.

I am not able to reproduce the same issue[but my fix levels are different].


That’s strange!

Can you ask them to increase the logging level for WmFF module and reproduce the problem. The logs will give you more details which can help the product team to analyze further.