Error handling best practices for Integration


This article explains best practices to deal with error handling in Integration.


It is assumed that readers of this article know Integration workflow details such as actions and error handlers.

Best Practises:

  • It is recommended to have a single common error logging framework for capturing all the errors occurring in the Workflow. This can be achieved by implementing an Error Framework Workflow for error handling and invoking it from the main Workflow.

  • Global Error Handler is recommended for handling any error in the Workflow unless the user wants to log the error at action level, which is not recommended.

  • If the user wants to restart or resume the Error Handling Workflow user should add the step called “Set Workflow Status Failed” otherwise execution status will show as a success.

  • For batch executions (i.e., scheduled) alert emails or other notifications must be used to notify the users. To mark batch executions as failed ”Set Workflow Status Failed” step can be used.

  • In case of real-time execution, it is recommended to pass on the status codes (i.e., native execution results) to common error handling Workflow to monitor the error code, and for further actions.