Error connecting to Cumulocity IOT Subtenant

I have created a subtenant in Cumulocity (, and when I try to access using Apama Connectivity For Cumulocity IoT (10.1), I obtain that error:

2018-06-13 09:49:48.130 INFO [16652] - Connectivity plug-ins: Chain CumulocityIoT is handling hostReady call
2018-06-13 09:49:49.492 WARN [2764] - <connectivity.chain.CumulocityIoT> Ignoring exception from calling hostReady on ApamaConnectivityForCumulocityIoT: com.cumulocity.sdk.client.SDKException: unable to connect to server

This EPL Codes runs well in a ordinary tenant (

// TODO: Monitors and event definitions here
monitor EnvironmentalManager {

action onload() {
	on all Device() as D{
		print "Device: " + D.toString();
	on all Measurement() as M{
		print "Measurement: " + M.toString();

It seems sth related to subtenants in Cumulocity…

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance…


can you confirm if you are able to login to the ui using the same credentials?

Also can you check if your application (appKey provided in the credentials file) is subscribed to the subtenant?


I am doublechecking…

Yes, I can login with the same credential “”…

Yes, I have registered the application “testConnectivity”…


Sandeep was working with me in the solution.
The problem was that Cumulocity SDK doesn’t support a “_” in the URL of the tenant.
So, solution was to change the URL to “” and it worked.
Thanks Sandeep.