EPL Apama issue on special Character

Product/components used and version/fix level:

Cumulocity Production EPL Apama

Detailed explanation of the problem:


I have tried to add one special character double quote(") in the string. But Unable to do that. My Expected spring output is “ajithkumar.thiru@gmail.com

I have tried the below ways to do it. Please find below

// sentEmailID:=“"”+getStringOrBlank(sentEmail[i])+“"”+sentEmailID;–not worked
//sentEmailID:=getStringOrBlank(sentEmail[i])+doubleQuote+sentEmailID;–not worked
//sentEmailID:=getStringOrBlank(sentEmail[i])+char(34)+sentEmailID; --not worked
//sentEmailID:=getStringOrBlank(sentEmail[i])+“\u022”+sentEmailID; --not worked
//sentEmailID:=getStringOrBlank(sentEmail[i])+“”“”+sentEmailID; --not worked

Please provide the advice to us!

Please try escape using \


string email:= "\"ajithkumar.thiru@gmail.com\"";
should output "ajithkumar.thiru@gmail.com"

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