EntireX for z/VSE

Issue 3, 2014

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EntireX for z/VSE® 
Extend z/VSE applications to new technologies

Approximately one-third of all mainframe shops run IBM® z/VSE® and, like most enterprise organizations, have explicit needs to advance their IT to meet the innovative pace of their businesses. EntireX for z/VSE v9.6 does just that by helping z/VSE customers maintain their investment in critical applications while taking advantage of new technologies to address evolving business requirements.

Unique priorities of z/VSE users

Typical z/VSE users have a long history with IBM mainframes and have accumulated a significant investment in proven, highly evolved and locally developed core business applications. VSE users tend to be smaller enterprises with less-demanding workloads in terms of capacity, availability and security  than typical z/OS® users. Users of z/VSE also tend to be more focused on costs—whether for processors, storage, operating systems, middleware or technical support staff—compared to their mainframe brethren. Simplicity is more important than leading-edge functionality, and stability overrides capacity. Fortunately, these are qualities that Software AG delivers on with EntireX.

Technically, z/VSE has greatly improved performance of the base system by implementing CPU balancing, larger dataspaces and multiple I/O operations on a common device and supporting the latest I/O peripheral devices and cryptographic functionality built into all z/Architecture® processors.

EntireX for z/VSE upgrades

Software AG, like z/VSE users, continues to believe in the strategic value of leveraging VSE applications. Hence, we have upgraded the functionality of EntireX for z/VSE to be consistent with EntireX components running on all other supported platforms and z/VSE v5.1. Specifically, EntireX features and functions that have evolved include ease-of-use, internationalization, reliable RPC, application monitoring and CICS® large-message support.

Broker stubs have been simplified under z/VSE to keep the cost of ownership as low as possible. There are two stubs that each support common programming languages and transport methods: one for CICS and one for batch. The TCP/IP stub also supports transport tracing.

Memory management for EntireX Broker running on z/VSE is made easy by simply turning on dynamic memory management as a parameter in the Broker attribute file. Dynamic memory management automatically allocates and de-allocates memory pools for various Broker resources that are based off of real-time Broker workload.

EntireX Broker for z/VSE supports the common International Components for Unicode (ICU) features previously unavailable on the VSE platform. Using the Broker attribute file, you can specify the default CODEPAGE for converting single-byte, double-byte or multi-byte code pages using ICU or to set translation using a custom user exit.

Reliable RPC (asynchronous RPC communication)
In addition to synchronous request-reply-based RPC communication, asynchronous RPC communication (known as Reliable RPC) is now available for z/VSE RPC clients or servers. This allows for RPC clients running on VSE to publish data to a Broker running on VSE or off-board. Likewise, VSE RPC server programs can receive Reliable RPC calls. This decouples RPC clients and RPC servers with respect to time and prevents losses due to network outages or unavailability of service.

Application monitoring
Application monitoring is now available through webMethods Optimize for Infrastructure. This product provides detailed response-time monitoring, including monitoring failures for synchronous RPC-based applications.

CICS large-message support
EntireX z/VSE CICS RPC Server calls existing CICS transactions from client programs on other platforms using EntireX RPCs. Although the de facto standard for maximum message size within CICS is 32 KB, EntireX offers a larger buffer that is only limited by available memory to CICS. Users of the EntireX workbench can automatically generate the interface object that a CICS client or server can use to transport large application payloads.


The z/VSE environment continues to make operational and economic sense, particularly for mid-range customers who have a growth path and require a certain level of diversification. Including an integration solution like EntireX helps keep z/VSE relevant as an effective application delivery platform for meeting the future needs of your business.

Learn more about EntireX, visit http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/entirex and click through the documentation link to find the following documents: