Email Port and clustering

Hello - I’ve setup an Email port in an IS 8 instance to accesses an email inbox via IMAP. It is working quite well.

However, I’ve setup the port only on one node in the IS cluster. Should I setup the email port on all the cluster nodes? This would help reliability but I also need to ensure each email is processed once only.

Is there any danger email port setup on multiple cluster nodes in the cluster may access the same email at the same time via IMAP and the email twice (once on each node?). I checked the webMethods IS doco and it mentions nothing about clustering.


Response received from webMethods:

The email port is NOT cluster aware.
If there are two Integration Servers in a cluster hooked onto the same exchange server port, both of them will end up receiving the messages from the exchange server. There is a good probability that ‘duplicate’ messages are received at all the instances of IS and the corresponding services get executed- resulting in duplicate processing for the same message.

Out of the box option is to have the email polling service and port to be enabled only on the one IS node in a cluster.
Another workaround is to write a custom Java service to poll the inbox and execute the desired service. This custom JavaService can then be scheduled as a cluster aware task.