ebXML Samples Package

Hi All,

I am trying to explore on the ebXML Module Implementation on wm 6.5.

If any one of you have worked earlier, please share your experiences.
Please help me to clarify me the below questions.

  1. In the wm ebxml Samples package, I was not able to understand how the Default Document Types such as ebXML 1.0 PayLoad is able to identify on TN when we run the samples.
    I have checked all the flow services but didn’t find any where the documnet type is set while sending the data using wm.ip.ebxml.MSH.send or wm.ipebxml.MSH.sendUsingTPA

  2. For our implementation, if we define our own Document Types on TN, where do we set the document type in the flow services.

3.What is the significane of the value of “Action”, in the Envelope/Params/basic/Action. where we are evaluating this value in whole implementation.

4.What are the valid values for “@type” under Envelope/Params/basic/Service/@type. Is it mandatory to specify.

Appreciate your help.