E-Mails are lost

Hello everybody,

we are encountering a strange behaviour with a POP3-Mailport.

It seems to pick up mails from the mail server but does not forward them to the respective service that is supposed to process them.

I placed a savePipeline-step at the beginning of the service and sent e-mails to the given address but nothing happened. That is, no pipeline was written, no output in the server log, nor in the error log.

The admin of the mail server, however, proved with a protocol that the mail account had been accessed and the mails had been picked up.

So, where do they go, when the mailport gets them and the service is obviously not called?

I would like to open a support request with SAG but I have nothing at hand to prove there is a problem. No server log entries, no errors, nothing :confused:

It’d be great if someone could point me where to look.

Thanks in advance,

Problem resolved… was my own fault.

In the first service that processes the incoming mail I used the service wm.pub.io.streamToBytes to convert the input stream as a transformer inside a mapper. Unfortunately at that point the field “contentStream”, which contains the e-Mail as a stream, could not be accessed and seemed to be null, while it wasn’t.

Moving the conversion out of the mapping and using it as an individual flow step did the trick. Now the content could be converted and the process could continue.


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