Device in group is twice in the list


wie have added our first devices to the Cumulocity IoT tenant. We added 10 devices in one group.
To see all devices in the list on the left side we pressed the + button for more. Now the shown devices are twice in the list, as seen in the screenshot attached. Even after reloading the page, the problem is still there. Also one of our customers had the same effect on the page.

Has anyone else the same behaviour?

Hi Stefanie,
Can you provide your tenant name? Also how are you trying to register the device like one by one or bulk load?
You may also want to check the external ID of devices under Identity tab in device management tab.

Hi Gyan,

our tenant name is wains.cumulocity and we registered the devices one by one.
The effect is not the same for every user, sometimes the devices are shown twice for some users and for other users the devices are correct as one entry.

Hi @stefanie.domzig,

We checked the status of the tenant. Tenant is suspended since 18 June 2020.
I am not sure how are you trying to access it. Please correct me if I am missing something here.

Software AG

Hi @Gyan_Awasthi1,

yes, the suspended tenant is also a problem. According to our partner manager the test account was not converted to the productive account and is now blocked. Unfortunately no one has been able to help us here and reactivate the tenant.


Hi @stefanie.domzig,

Regarding tenant reactivation, you need to contact your partner manager or Software AG sales.

Unfortunately , no one else can help you with that.
Once your tenant is active, we shall able to help you with technical queries.

Hi Gyan,

the Problem with the enabled tenant is solved now.
Can you help us with the doubled devices?

Best regards,