Development logging


I am trying to find a way to log development process on IS.
I want to save to file or print to log information about saving services/documents by particular users.
I need only service/document name, username and time.

I know that there is possibility to overwrite IS services (e.g. lock/unlock) with own ones, to add some logging instructions, but locking service does not mean, that someone modified it.

Maybe you know which IS service is used to save file to hdd.
Or maybe there is a possiblity to turn on that logging in ‘Logging Settings’.

thanks in advance

You need to implement a custom solution for this by using lockManagerApi… though 8.x provides security logging on package and service level, explore if that feature fulfills your requirement.

I need to do that on 7.1.
What do you mean by lockManagerApi ?
Where can I find some info about that?

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