data-ng-include - file not found

I’m developing AngularJS based gadget and I want to include another xhtml into main view.xhtml

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<div data-ng-include="'gadgets/GadgetName/views/view1.xhtml'"></div>

and on Chrome Console:

And I’v alredy tried probably every other path combination, this one is context_root/gadget_directory, no matter what I put there - nothing displays.

That’s what documentation says


Hi Jan,

Can you please share a sample gadget with your problem, so that we can analyze what is causing this.

Thanks & Regards


Can you please try to put your new xhtml page (view1.xhtml) here under the root directory where your view.xhtml is located and try to invoke by removing path like below .

Let me know if this helps .