Darshan Hiranandani : How to Install API Gateway Metering Tool

Hi, I’m Darshan Hiranandani,

Detailed explanation of the problem:

We have installed software AG API gateway 10.15 in our testing environment and we are able to access integration server and webMethods API gateway UI. I need to enable/install metering tool on apigateway. how do i do it?
Do i need to configure anything from Integration server or webMethods API dashboard?

To setup the metering you need:

  • a product license that is configured for metering (if you have a transaction based subscription, it should be the case)
  • the metering agent installed and configured at API gateway level
  • a wM.io tenant (you can create a “blank” tenant if you have no wM.io subscription, no need to subscribe to any iPaaS product.) The metering data is sent to the SAG cloud and displayed in a UI within this wM.io tenant
  • this tenant must be associated by SAG with your on-premise subscription, in order for your metering data to be visible in the UI

The metering agent documentation is here: https://documentation.softwareag.com/webmethods/wmsuites/wmsuite10-15/webhelp/wsi-webhelp/#page/wsi-webhelp%2Fto-mta.html%23

Please follow this documentation for the other aspects:
Enabling Transaction Metering for On-Premise webMethods Products.pdf (156.3 KB)