Custom boostrap credential and x509 in C8y Linux Agent

we are doing some experiments with the Linux Agent, it worked like a charm, but there two aspects that we can’t figure out:

  1. the credentials used in the bootstrap phase (the phase where the device secret/password is retrieved from the remote platform) seem to be embedded inside a binary library and thus can’t be personalized: is that intended?

  2. we don’t find clues in the Linux Agent documentation (or installation) about the possibility of using x509 authentication

We would be very glad if someone with more expertise may shed some light on the above.
Thanks in advance,


Hi Roberto, thanks for your questions.

  1. The device bootstrap credential is hard-coded in C++SDK. If you need a different one (the hard-coded bootstrap is compatible to If you need something else, you can modify it in C++SDK. Bitbucket

  2. Linux Agent is not supporting x509 authentication.

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