Cumulocity IoT Edge AutoML Regression Error

Dear colleagues,

I want to develop a ML model with the AutoML functionality of the ML workbench application to predict house prices. I uploaded the dataset, selected the features and chose the regression problem type. But the training process is failing with this error message.

I have already used the workbench to train a classification problem model, which is working without any errors. So this error is only occurring when choosing a regression problem.

I am using this dataset (California Housing Prices | Kaggle) and Cumulocity IoT Edge version 10.9.0.

Do you have any solutions for me? Maybe through adjusting some advanced training parameters for regression problems?

Best regards,

Hello Julius,

Can you please select either “r2” or “neg_mean_absolute_error” or “neg_mean_squared_error” instead of “Accuracy” as your Scoring metric and retrain the model?

“Accuracy” is the metric for Classification models.


Hello Vinay,

That makes sense. My fault. Training is working now. Thank you!

Best regards,

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