Cumulocity Edge Install File Request

Cumulocity Edge / Production(customer) instance

In the past, I tried to install Cumulocity Edge on NHN Cloud(Government Ceritified Cloud), but we couldn’t install it due to VM issues, so I’m requesting how to receive installation file from SAG.

The government project related with cloud, vendor should install their product in G-Cloud(Korea Government Certifiled Cloud like NHN Cloud).

I had an issue with NHN Cloud(G-Cloud) as below:

  • The servers provided by NHN Cloud are virtual servers.
  • The edge files that SAG provides are virtual machines.
  • NHN Cloud policy prevents virtual machines from running on virtual servers. (It is possible to run virtual machines on virtual servers, but performance is significantly lower.)

So it is a mandatory condition that SAG must supply with an Edge installation file (not in VM form) that can be installed on a Linux system.

Please let me know how to solve this issue. Thank you.