Cumulocity - Best way to implement response mechanism (acknowledgement)


is it possible to create some automatic response mechanism for etc. events, measurements…?
I’m not a developer so excuse my ignorance by that regard.

My scenario consists of a some NB-IoT devkit, Cumulocity and Postman app on other side.
In “Device Management->Events” uplink packets are visible in UpLink case (using AT commands to send packets from device to Cumulocity) and in DownLink case (using Postman to POST operations to that DevKit)

My question is, could that communication be automated in a way that the Cumulocity returns a response to devkit after receiving a packet in a some kind “OK” message or maybe in a way that response contains identical packet content (e.g. as an echo server)?

If that is possible, what would be best solution for implementing it, through Apama EPL apps or something else?
First idea was to create some SmartRule but there is no similar function there.

Hi Tom,

to extend Cumulocity with custom business logic you typically would go for Apama EPL Apps, Analytics Builder or a custom Microservice. Smart Rules are quite limited when it comes to the use cases they support and they can’t be extended with custom Smart Rules. In your case I would suggest to either go for Apama EPL Apps, as you have already pointed out, or for a custom Microservice. If you simply want to send an acknowledgement for events coming from your device then Apama EPL Apps might be the right tool to achieve some quick results.

I don’t know the details about your device integration and how the device is connected, but one solution might look like this:

  • create a new Apama monitor
  • create a listener for events coming from your device, see documentation
  • if an event has been received, send an acknowledgement
    • use the HTTP client to send response back to your device
    • as another solution you could also create an operation for which your device subscribes to

Some general documentation is available here and here. In addition to these you will also find some samples in the Apama EPL App itself.

Best regards

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