CTI and WebMethods

Has anyone seen or used WebMethods as the ‘Middleware’ piece of a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) solution.


For CTI no, but I have already used it for connecting to network elements of a mobile phone operator.

So, it can also be used for CTI, but probably you have to code an adapter or some custom code, depending on the system’s API you are trying to connect. I don’t know that kind of equipments so I can’t talk much about the solution…

Thanks for the response Hugo, the systems that would need to be connected would be an ASPECT phone system to an AS/400. Webmethods would take the data stream from the phone system and look up information in the AS/400’s database, then route that info to a client desktop.

ASPECT PHONE system does it contain any Text-To-Speech native libraries.
The data stream you meant is data i guess how are you planning to convert to speech, what is the input needed for ASPECT system.
I know an architecture which will work to use with CTI and webMethods.