Credit Card Integration with CyberSource

We are planning to do credit card integration (Authorization and settlement) with Cybersource through Webmethods Enterprise platform.
Has anybody done this kind of integration with Cybersource? If so, what kind of adapter/API is used?.

CyberSource provides Java API. Through Java API, it is possible to call CyberSource services.


We are doing this and in production. We had to create our own Adapter. I am sure that webmethods supports one credit card package.

Hello We are doing that too, in production. Cybersource helped us in generating an interface for us and it is working well. No Problem

We are looking into doing credit card processing too. We’ve just started to look, it appears that Cybersource or Verisign is probably the way to go.

I see a couple of you have Cybersource working? Is that with the Enterprise Server or Integration Server? Is anyone willing to share it (code, integrations, knowledge, etc) with a non-profit organization?

Best Regards!

We have verisign working in production very smoothly.
I can help you in all the aspects.

Can anyone share with us the integration with cybersource.possible sharing the code or guide me to use builtin service ,if any.
Thing we are looking are ,do we have any api’s in cybersource to call and how?,and how to encrypt the creditcard details etc.
Appreciate any suggestions.Tx in advance.