Creating Skin Rule Condition that depends on current portlet


I am trying to create a skin rule that activates my skin for a specific set of portlets.
How should the condition be coded within the rule properties to achieve this?

Currently my condition checks if the current user has the role “My webMethods Users”,
but I don’t want to link the condition to the user’s role,
I would like to check if a certain portlet is currenty in use.

Many thanks for your help and regards,

You could use a ‘Parent Resource’ condition to apply the skin rule to a specific portlet instance. Or you could use a ‘Current Resource Type’ condition to apply the skin rule for all instances of a specific portlet type.

Thank you for your answer!

I tried both possibilities, but it did not work.
First I configured the ‘Parent Resource’ condition:
portalResource isDescendant ("/meta/default/folder/0000005511")
portalResource isDescendant ("/meta/default/wm_xt_workspace/0000005873")

Then I used the ‘Current Resource Type’ condition:
portalResource.XTypeName == “myApplication”

How should the correct coding be done?