Creating a FF document type in Trading networks

Can any one please expl;ain how to create a document type for a flat file in trading networks.Thanks in advance


When you click new docType icon in TNDocumentType section,it will list whether to create XML/FlatFile.Select FlatFile its simple,I believe you are on TNConsole6.1.


i was there but i dont know how to proceed from there unlike xml its showing me a place to put my ff sample.Please help

It will show the list XML/FlatFile and you select FlatFile then fill the Extract information(Sender/Receiver) and PipelineMatching like roottag of flatfile etc…


Thank you…But unlike xml its not showing me a place to put my ff sample

It is different configuration screen for FlatFile. so load a sample is not possible,like in xml.Just fill the PipelineMatching or Extract information.