Copying file from local system to IS


I am having couple of jar files in my local machine.IS is not on my machine. I need to move those into IS->pacakges->mypackage->code->jars. by using a service from developer.
Could any one send me the deatails …


You should have enough access on your IS operatinsystem where it sits on and put the jar files in the appropriate location in the IS filesystem manually or ask your Admins to do this work and restart IS for getting it work.There is nothing to do it form developer.



I also have admin permissions in wm. The Admin person rite now is not available . But there is some urgenmt requirement to move the jar files.
So I was wondering, is there any chace by using a java service i can transfer these jars to appropriate folder…


If your IS have FTP port configured then you can transfer those files to appropriate location unless the user have read/write access on IS filesystem and also IS restart is required.

thanks a lot for the info.