Converting WSDL to JAVAhow to deploy a WAR file in webMethods

Hi all,

Any ideas on converting WSDL to JAVA class (Skeleton) using webMethods!!

as we all know we can define our WSDL stucture (schema, inputs etc)…after generating WSDL file, we want to create a skeleton (we can fill out the business logic) using webMethods. Any thoughts on the possibilities???

This a kind of similar to WebSphere Studiio, where we can define our WSDL and generate a Java skeleton…

How to deploy a WAR file (Contains WSDL, JAVA Classes) in webMethods??

My immediate idea was to install JBOSS package and approach in that direction…I want to know is there any other way…

Any ideas on how to do it in webMethods will be greatly appreciated


in wm6.x you can import a WSDL and make it a web Connector service. Then you can invoke that web connector in any flow service.
The web connector is like a skeleton except it acts as a soap client for the WSDL.

To deploy WAR file, you will need to have the JBOSS J2EE server which comes with IS 6.x.