Connect to visualization tools

Hi all, anyone knows if there are connectors or adapters for connecting APAMA to different visualizations tools like Microstrategy, Tableau, Cognos, Qlikview or Pentaho?
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Apama can be connected to Presto. Presto 3.8 has out of box feature to configure connection with Apama.

For other visualization tools, you might want to see if Web Service client adapter or JMS adapter can be used for communicating the information between Apama and other tools. You can also explore feasibility of using shared database between these.

is anyone knows that how to connect Mashzone NG with JIRA and remedy

Hi Sreedhar,

for Jira, there should be a REST-Webservice available.

For Remedy I am not sure, but if Remedy has a WebServer component there should be SOAP- or REST-WebService possible.

Did you have a look at the Mashzone NG documentation?