Connect to ETL Informatica PowerCenter

What are the various scenarios webMethods can connect to Informatica PowerCenter to invoke workflows? Is there any adapter available or we can do pub-sub or web service calls?

You’ll want to review the Informatica PC documentation to determine what PC exposes.

Thanks Raemon.

I found that “PowerExchange for webMethods Broker” is used to connect to webMethods. But I can’t find a detail implementation to see how the connection is defined from webMethods and how Powercenter will respond.

Any idea or location I can read from?

Did you see this and reference?

So basically using broker queues it would be integrated from Informatica queues and viceversa.

No articles found on the Empower site…Did you try contact webMethods SAG support/Sales to enquire?


I got hold of the document which specify how to define connection parameters in power center workflow manager. I will try to connect with the workflow team and ask them to create a connection and supply them broker information. Here is the url:

And I think we dont have to do much on wM side. The connection needs to be defined on ETL side.

May be you are on the right direction: