Conditional concatenation in MAP step

Is there a clean way to do a conditional concat in the MAP step. For example I have a zip code which I want to add ‘-0000’ if there is no value after the 5 character zip, eg 55343-1234 vs 55343.

I was hoping to place a link within the MAP step to handle this but no luck. Do I need to use a BRANCH instead or create a Java Service to fulfill this need.

Yes, you need to use a branch, which can accept regular expressions.
You can only make conditions within a map in the following ways;

a) set value; you can uncheck the checkbox for “Overwrite pipeline value” so it will only be applied if no attribute exists yet in the pipeline
b) transitions; Clicking on a transition in a map allows you see its properties, one of which is conditions where you can use the same syntax as a branch. I use this a lot where I need to merge documents; better than having 50 branch/map combos.


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@John_Carter4 Thank you for your insight. I am trying to trim down as much branching/mapping as possible. Nothing like learning on the fly. Glad you and others are out here for guidance and wisdom.