CloudStreams Provider for Twitter does not take Space characters in Tweets

I tried to use the CloudStreams Provider for Twitter. I created a Cloud Connector Service and I chose as resource “Update Tweet”. Then I created a Flow Service an included the Connector Service. In the case I start the Flow Service with an Input-String (“status”-Variable “Service In”) without blanks e.g. “thisIsATweet” I got the HTTP-Code 200 and everything works fine. In the case I use blanks or other special characters I got HTTP-Code 401 (Authorization Required).
As a result I can only pass tweets without blanks or special characters. I tested it also with the API-console of apigee and there it works.

Does anyone of you has a solution for that problem?


Just a suggestion , try using url encoding for space character i.e. %20

Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately this also does not work.


Which version of CloudStreams and the connector are you using?


webMethods CloudStreams Version Build 180
and com.softwareag.cloudstreams.twitter_v1.1

Please apply CloudStreams Server 9.7 Fix 4 or higher.
It is recommended to always apply the latest fixes.