Certificate Install Error

Hello All,

I am stuck up with installing one certificate for one of our supplier. and getting the below error.

Could you please help me out in understanding where i am doing wrong?

I am received the certificates in .cer and .p7b format and tried installing the same , but none is working out.

Please help me …


Hi Sasanka,
From the error it is very much clear that you are trying to install the certificate which is having more than one certificate in the chain.
You need to get the complete chain of certificate then apart from leaf certificate you need to copy intermediate (if it is there) and root certificate to the CA cert location then refresh the cache/ restart the server then try installing the certificate onto the TN.
Also on TN you need to install complete chain of certificate (i.e. first leaf then intermediate (if any) then root.)


Thanks a lot Vikas for your help…