CentraSite SOA Job Opportunities

Title: SOA System Engineer
Location: Openings Nationwide
Duration: Long Term Contracts and Permanent Positions Available
Company: Confidential
Telecommute: Yes and No (Multiple Factors involved)
Compensation: Variable upon years of experience (Above Average Compensation)
Education: Bachelors Degree Preferred
Authorization Status: US Citizenship, H1-B, TN-1, EAD, Green Card
Key Skill: CentraSite
Skills and Experience (must be verifiable experience): • Strong experience with Service Oriented Architect. Understands the use and value of SOA Technology capabilities (e.g. ESB, BPM, Registry, Repository, BAM, WSM, Edge Devices-Accelerators) • Strong experience with IBM WSRR (prefer 6.1 or later) • Strong experience with SOA Service metadata • Has deep understanding of UDDI 3.0.2 Registry Model • Has worked with IBM SOA Technology stack (e.g. WESB, WPS, WSRR, Datapower) • Has hands-on experience with SOA Service Registry Technologies (in order of preference: WSRR, Systinet2, SOA Software, CentraSite, Infravio) • Has hands-on experience with Web Service Interface artifacts and including: WSDL, XML Schemas • Has experience with Web Services standards and including at minimum: SOAP, WSDL, XSD, XML • Has experience with SOA Governance (full life-cycle, and including Design-Time, Run-Time, B2B) • Understands the SOA Service lifecycle process and various lifecycle states • Has exposure to Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and KPI’s • Has exposure to SOA Governance Policies, Policy Application Points (PAP), Policy Enforcement Points (PEP), and Policy Management Points (PMP) • Has experience with Developer IDE’s and Service Registry “add-ins