CeBIT 2015

Issue 1, 2015

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Software AG introduces Digital Business Platform

Software AG unveiled the world’s first Digital Business Platform at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany the week of March 16. Customers and partners of Software AG showcased how their solutions support Industry 4.0, leveraging the Internet of Things to improve manufacturing processes.

Standing out in the digital economy

Responding to today’s rapidly digitizing economies and new competitive landscapes, Software AG presented its Digital Business Platform at CeBIT, the world’s largest IT expo. The Digital Business Platform enables enterprises to adapt to the fast changes and huge opportunities in both the private and public sectors, driven by the growth of the global digital economy. 
The European Commission estimates that the digital economy will reach €3.2 trillion in the G20 countries alone by 2016 and already accounts for 8 percent of GDP. Software AG has recognized that standard, conventional, packaged business software, designed for relatively stable and predictable business situations, cannot provide the flexibility, agility and speed needed to address today’s digital requirements of customers and citizens. The Digital Business Platform instead focuses on fostering co-innovation between Software AG, its partners and customers to quickly develop and deploy adaptive and differentiating applications and business solutions.

Built to change business

The Digital Business Platform, shown in Figure 1, is designed to deliver applications, processes, business models and enterprises “built to change,” to respond to real-time business events or fast-changing market conditions. Unlike conventional ERP products designed to deliver off-the-shelf software for long-term, existing, predictable business situations and processes, the Digital Business Platform provides a rich portfolio for customers and partners, in collaboration with Software AG, to co-innovate less predictable, flexible, differentiating and profit-driving business solutions.  
Figure 1: The world's first Digital Business Platform from Software AG

Customer successes

Customer success has been at the heart of everything we've done for more than 40 years. At CeBIT 2015, a number of our customers shared their success stories and how their solutions apply to achieving the vision of “Industry 4.0.”

Smart Big Data and Big Steel: Smart Big Steel

Software AG presented a use case for improving an industrial manufacturing process, which is currently being implemented for a customer in the German steel industry. Software AG technology integrates the sensor network used for production monitoring with the business administration level to discover quality fluctuations in the steel manufacturing process early on and anticipate them by adjusting the production or business processes. This creates a digital industrial company that can predict business processes and transfer them automatically into the process control.
The benefit of this project lies in increasing revenues while reducing energy consumption for steel manufacturing.

SmartBridge is connecting the worlds of machines and the world of IT

Pepperl + Fuchs and Software AG jointly presented a solution for connecting the worlds of machines and the world of IT. The solution taps machine sensor data and transmits it wirelessly to an Industry 4.0 platform without interfering in the machine control loop. On this platform, the field data is transformed into valuable machine information and made available to all entities in the supply chain. The range of possible applications include: simple process control for the machine operator; predictive maintenance for service providers; and the possibility for machine and plant manufacturers to offer active managed maintenance. Smart energy management and usage-dependent warranty models are also made possible by intelligently using the data gathered in the production environment.

M2M Technologies by Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG

Telefónica Deutschland shared how their machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies enable the comprehensive transmission and control of data. This allows individual machines or whole systems to communicate worldwide with each other. 

Streaming Analytics

Cumulocity GmbH, a leading provider of software and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), teamed up with Software AG on real-time big data analytics. The “Windfarm” showcase demonstrated the integration of the Cumulocity cloud with Software AG’s streaming analytics platform. The adaptive application built on this platform shows condition monitoring, steering of field service and output prediction of windfarms based on weather forecasts.


XETICS LEAN is a revolutionary manufacturing execution system offered as SaaS according Industry 4.0. With XETICS LEAN, you get real-time data at a glance already in graphs (KPIs like OEE). You also can track and trace production data across the whole production process, including data recording of location, time, process-parameters, quality parameters and more. Together with Software AG, it can connect to nearly all existing data systems. XETICS simulated how a production line works, demonstrating easy handling and fast results.

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