CAN'T start oracle adapter on HP-UX

Is there anyone who knows how to troubleshoot following problem?

uname -a
HP-UX crs_db B.11.11 U 9000/800 181454625 unlimited-user license

getconf KERNEL_BIT

oracle : 9.2.0


��� 6:14:09 (901) Connect to Broker “testNATE-CRSX” on host “”.
��� 6:14:09 (902) Check client group “NATEMMP”.
��� 6:14:09 (924) Create AdapterConfig document type.
��� 6:14:09 (921) Check client group permissions.
��� 6:14:09 (903) Create client “CRS_CRSXOrcl_Real”.
��� 6:14:09 (904) Start adapter process in test mode.
��� 6:14:16 java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /opt/wment41/lib/ No such file or directory
��� 6:14:17 (195) Process exited with code 4.

I suspect that this problem is caused by the restriction that HP-UX 64 bit kernel
prohibits the program using setuid/setguid from using SHLIB_PATH as library search path.

Please try adding the path of to the ‘Add to library path’ field of the Adapter Config (look for it in the Java Tab). This should solve your issue.

pgupta, I have already tried it. it seems that it’s different problem.

It’s your file permissions, check that the user the adapter runs under has read/write/execute on the shared library and it’s directory

If you are still having problems try this work around

cd /opt/wment41/lib
ln -s $ORA_HOME/lib32/

PS: To find out all the dependencies of this lib do a “ldd”