Cant execute the EnergyData sample from predictiveAnalytics.Error loading the PMML file

I’m evaluating Apama , to , maybe , consider it as a predictive analytics solution.

When running the sample EnergyData , from the PredictiveAnalytics directory , and during the load of the pmm l file(at least it seems so) I get :

Failed to import PMML file 1.pmml, error null

…and further down the road , when trying to send the events (I’ve sent only in this example ) :

2017-03-03 00:42:43.186 ERROR [140551031355136] - [2] Expected 15.39768434, but received NA
2017-03-03 00:42:43.186 INFO [140551031355136] - [2] {“ADAPA_Error”:“Discarding request(s) to process data for model Linear_Regression_Model, Model doesn’t exist or No Models available”}

Can anyone give me a hint on this please ?

Thank you ,

Best Regards

Can you please share below files to analyze how the sample is started ?

  1. correlator log
  2. 1.pmml



Is there any event file injected in your project ? As per the error message, Seems like it is expecting some value in field but you are passing null.

Can you please check ?

Hi Fernando,

I was able to execute the EnergyData monitor demo application successfully. It is not clear to me how you are running the sample monitor program. Please get in touch with me at the contact info below and I’m sure I can help you.

Eddie Soong
Global Sr. Presales Engineer
T: +1 (571)-262-7714
M: +1 (437)-997-3938


I am also facing the same issue, I am unable to load the pmml in to apama,.

2019-02-13 22:20:15.477 INFO [12312:processing] - <Instance_1> Importing model(s) from C:\Users\senthil\workspace101\EnergyData Sample\model\EnergyDataModel.pmml
2019-02-13 22:20:15.489 ERROR [12312:processing] - <Instance_1> Failed to import PMML file EnergyDataModel.pmml, error null
2019-02-13 22:20:15.490 ERROR [12312:processing] - <Instance_1> Failed to import PMML file EnergyDataModel.pmml, error null
2019-02-13 22:20:15.492 INFO [12312] - [1] Loaded models: []

Can you check if you installed the license file for Zementis/Predictive Analytics Engine ?

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for reply.

The license is installed in my APAMA_WORK/ directory. Do I need to run the Zementis(Adapa app)?

You would need to install the license file to APAMA_WORK/license or SAG_HOME/Zementis/adapa-bundle/lib folder. The later being the preferred location

Thanks Sandeep.

I have install the license already in the APAMA_WORK and i dont see any error message relate to license.

Are you sure you installed “zementis.license” to APAMA_WORK/license ? Please note that this license file is a bit different to Software AG standard license format (i.e. not xml)

If you are using a license downloaded from solution book, then you would need to use the license file named ‘PATPA_PredictiveAnalyticsEngine_LicenseKey-*.lic’ and rename it to zementis.license

Yes I have installed zemantis.license file not the standard xml file.

can you confirm if you installed the license file to APAMA_WORK folder or APAMA_WORK/license folder?

It should be installed to APAMA_WORK/license

Yes Sandeep,

Did you mean Yes for APAMA_WORK or Yes for APAMA_WORK/license ?

Can you share details about which version of Apama you are using and share the full correlator log?

Hi Sandeep,

I resolved the issue, the issue with license file invalid. I have replaced the license file and it working now.

I am using 10.1 version.