Cannot read temp readings in Cloud Sensor App with Texas Instrument CC2650TK


I have just bought two new Texas Instrimunt CC2650STKs (originally recommended by SAG when we started to develop our solution). With these sensors, in both cases, I can not get any temperature data (neither Ambient nor IR).

I have done this before (with the same model of sensor a few months ago)and the cloud sensor app and it was working. It just doesnt seem to be working now. I have tried with both sensors and the same is happening for both. This and the fact that the temp is avaiable via Texas Instruments app (SimpleLink Starter) makes it feel like it is not a HW issue.

All other readings (Luxometer, Humidity) are being received properly.

Any help woul dbe hugely apprieciated.

Many thanks,

Hi Pedro,

can you provide some steps to reproduce to figure out what might going wrong?

best regards