Can we use Apama to monitor networking tcp/udp(IP) traffic and generate events?

Can we use Apama to monitor Networking IP traffic and generate events based on that? we are planning to use Apama to monitor networking traffic and based on the generated events decisions will be made to scale up or scale-down particular applications on our cloud. Is it possible only with APAMA or we need any additional software components to achieve this goal?

Also where to get “SoftwareAG designer” with linux version of Apama community edition?

Hi there, thanks for your question!

First off I’m afraid Software AG Designer is only available for Windows. An alternative might be to use the Visual Studio Code extension for Apama:
apama-extensions - Visual Studio Marketplace

Apama does not have built-in functionality to monitor network traffic so you would need a way to do that and get the events into Apama. One way would be to develop a connectivity plug-in that monitors network traffic and then sends events into Apama. Another way would be to have an application that sends events about network traffic to Apama via MQTT or Kafka using the appropriate connectivity plug-in.
The relevant areas of the documentation for these topics are:
Developing Connectivity Plug-ins (
The MQTT Transport Connectivity Plug-in (
The Kafka Transport Connectivity Plug-in (

As for scaling up or down cloud applications - similarly you would need a way to connect Apama to the cloud system to control it. If you need to send REST requests to it you can use the HTTP Client plug-in:
The HTTP Client Transport Connectivity Plug-in (

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