Can we limit the number of login to IS from an user?

Hi all,
there’s a question from a security team regarding this topic.
They ask if we can set a limit (maybe using ACL or I don’t know) to avoid to many login from an user like Administrator.
Do we have any doc/info related to this topic?.


Hi Cesar,

I am not aware of such a possibility.

As long as there are enough threads configured, there can be any number of logins up to the number of sessions defined in the license.

Can you precise the request?

Which version of wM are you using?


Well, it comes from a security questionnaire and maybe the context for this question (I suppose) was just to block a potencial Denial of Service (DoS) attack or something like that.
Anyway Holger, this don’t have to much sense for me in our webMethods context, don’t you?.

Answer I was looking for, was just your confirm the fact that we can’t apply limit or policy to allow a number of logins with same user name (like Administrator i.e.). In exampler, only 3 users can login as Administrator.

So, it’s ok for me.