Can somebody help:New to WebMethod Developer


This is Puneet Aggarwal from India. I am working for a software firm. I have just completed my training on Java and J2EE. I have been assigned a project that deals with web method. Right now company has no plans for Web Methods Training. Can somebody tell me from were to read on Web Methods Developer. Also tell me about the future prospects on Web Methods.

u can get all the documentation from webmethods Advantage ,Try to read the documents and understand the concepts .

hi sri

I am unable to register on web methods e-learning program. It is asking for some group Key. Can u tell me what does that mean

You should try to register firs on:

There you can find a lot of documents about webMethods.



The e-Learning Portal is a fee-based service. There are no free courses there.


As mark said about e-learning portal, u need to pay the fee for the course and then u will get the key i guess.
If u can register at webmethods advantage , u will have access to all the documentation u need to understand the concepts.